About Phil Jones

Phil has a 50 year history in writing and making music. From the working man's clubs of South Wales through to performing in Europe and some of the UK's premier concert and festival stages.

Phil began as a teenager, playing bass in cabaret bands, backing whatever singer was booked that night, squeezed between the bingo and meat raffle. The late seventies saw in him  in London as part of the burgeoning post-punk free jazz scene, during the early 80s he was picked up by Cherry Red records and contributed to a number of the labels releases, including a brief spell in Felt. Roots and pub rock followed and his long held love for folk and Americana led to him forming Hatful of Rain - a successful period of recording and touring, appearing on national radio and big stages. 

Upon reaching his early 60s Phil finally turned to his own music in his own way. The culmination is St Peter's Thumb his debut solo album - which was released on 17th November 2022 on Long Way Home Productions.